Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Record Number 2233

Professional Certificate of Specialist

More than 16 years of experience with the highest international levels of safety, quality, and satisfaction in Plastic Surgery.

Perfectionism + Professionalism + Personalization.

My results support my Professional and Academic Certifications.

Not the other way around.

The best order towards certainty.

I want your trip to be an extraordinary experience in all personal contact and with my human team.

I am aware that my job is to fulfill a very personal aspiration that depends on the quality of my results, being your health my priority.

The honor of entrusting your body to the capacity of my hands, will be reciprocated with my maximum performance.

Your happiness is our main gratification.



Notorious from the first video consultation, before, during and after your surgery. Artistic talent with scientific precision.


Academic preparation, continuous specialized updating, clarity in all aspects related to your surgery for your peace of mind and meet your expectations.


Human quality reflected in the attention to all the details that lead to obtaining the best version of yourself under the highest safety standards according to her physical condition.

My results are natural looking from analysis and a completely individualized surgical strategy.


Operating It is not a job, for me it is a great way to enjoy life by doing good to others.

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