A very saggy breasts detract from your attractiveness no matter if they are large or small. That is why lifting the breasts is not a matter of simply lifting the nipples.

It is essential to achieve a reconcentration of the gland at the correct height to promote projection and definition at the neckline. If the glandular volume itself is insufficient with respect to expectations, then it is necessary to consider adding implants of proportional size.

Basically it is a remodeling of the skin cup, eliminating enough excess to push its content upwards, generating a more conical and drop shape in general.

It is not always done using an inverted T. There are different techniques with less scarring according to each particular case.

Duration: 3 hours.
Discharge: the same day.
Anesthesia: Regional block after sedation (sleep without general anesthesia).
Rest: at home 5 to 7 days.

*These times are averages, obviously subject to personal characteristics, evolution of each organism and full compliance with the recommendations.

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